What we did on "vacation" - DrupalCon 2010 in San Francisco

Finally recovering from an exhausting sprint to San Francisco for the 2010 DrupalCon at the Moscone Center. There along with 3,000 other Drupal CMS enthusiasts, we absorbed as much as a brain can absorb about designing, theming, programming AMAZING websites.

First day was a pre-conference workshop on how to Theme/skin/design for Drupal. <!--break-->There were people from many different American universities picking up pointers, as well as someone from Martha Stewart. It was a very interesting mix of people.

Then three days of sessions, non-stop, up to seven sessions per hour to choose from, many full to overflowing. Everything from security issues to type design to creating modules, php for designers... my head is still spinning. Three interesting keynotes, one from the Drupal founder Dries Buytaert to Tim O'Reilly to David Cole, from the New Media Team at the White House.

TIDBIT: Right now approximately 1% of all internet websites are Drupal and the number is exploding since WhiteHouse.gov adopted Drupal.

We had some fun with the new iPad. We used it to take notes at the conference, aside from watching movies on the plane, reading email, browsing the web and of course playing scrabble. LOVE it!!! Note to self, it is hard to write code with the keyboard.... bring external keyboard next time.