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Our working relationship with BlissDesign has been excellent on many levels: Tina understands design requirements and interprets them with flair and originality; her rapid response time is almost peerless; and she appears one step ahead of the game. BlissDesign provides invaluable advice all along the line and high standards and quality are the result of years of sound experience.

—Eve Leckey, Communications Section, UNICEF Office of Research

I have worked with Tina Bliss for 20 years and have brought her into every company I’ve worked with. Simply put, she is the most dependable and knowledgeable designer I have ever worked with. She is creative, but more than that, she thinks about my business, offering solutions that frequently save me time and money.

—Beth Mauro, Senior Marketing Manager, Events at Interweave

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bliss Design since I joined Hyperion in 2009. It has been an outstanding experience. Working on both large and small-scale projects together, they have never missed a deadline. On some occasions, I would have projects that were begun and needed to be routed and to the printer in one day—and it always got done. BlissDesign takes the initiative when necessary, creates excellent design work, and is easy to ­communicate with and work with. They are able to turn a vision into reality without ever sacrificing quality

—Joan Lee, Marketing Manager, Hyperion Books

BlissDesign delivers our organization an on-time product without any hassle. We know that we can count on Tina for good design with professional craftsmanship.

—Oliver Brewer, Director of Communications, The Seamen’s Church Institute

Since 1995, Bliss Design has produced graphics that bring our association’s mission to life. From the beginning, Tina Bliss, president, has approached each project with enthusiasm and an understanding of the audience we address. In these challenging times, she also is solution-orientated finding cost-effective answers that convey our message in a dynamic way. In 2008, Bliss Design created a new web site for our organization and continues to manage it. The firm’s guidance, expertise, and ability to “keep us on track and on deadline” was a tremendous asset in growing our ­outreach.

—Mary Colucci, Executive Director, Craft Yarn Council

I’ve worked with Tina Bliss and Bliss Design on several projects since the fall of 2009. They’ve designed and laid out each of our semiannual list catalogues (each running in the 160- to 184-page range); they’ve also worked on many of our major media space advertisements appearing in the New York Review of Books, Booklist, Paris Review, the New York Times Book Review, and other publications. I honestly can’t say enough good things about working with Bliss ­Design. They’re thoroughly professional, they’re responsive to our needs, their work is always on schedule (even when we’ve had to ask for what seems like an impossibly fast turnaround on a job). Best of all, our catalogues are beautiful! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions; I’d be delighted to talk with you about our experience working with Bliss Design.

—Debra Marr Bozzi, Educational Marketing Manager, Yale University Press

Tina Bliss is an innovative, resourceful designer. Working with BlissDesign on projects as diverse as websites, advertising, catalogs, and t-shirts, I am always delighted with the their creative. They stay on top of trends and technology, and brings energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism to all their work.

—Jane Comins, former Director of Marketing, Hyperion Books

Tina Bliss of Bliss Design crafts beautiful, engaging publications with an eye to design what best conveys the mission and vision of the Staten Island Museum, the place for exploring the dynamic connection between natural science, art and history since 1881.

—Cheryl Adolf, Chief Operating Officer, Staten Island Museum