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Our success is based on collaboration and trust. Our goal is to fulfill our client’s vision, not our own.

Tina Bliss

With a degree in Advertising Art and Design and after 3 short gigs, Tina launched her own design firm that has, for the last 30 years, been a great source of enrichment and joy. She loves the collaborative process, designing for clients from the classroom to the boardroom. She thrives working with her Gordon Setters at her side.

Tim Moran, (CPAO) Chief Programming and Automation Officer

Tim has a rare combination of left- and right-brained skills combining creative and technical skills and brings a whole new toolbox to the BlissDesign team: FLASH!!!! Lightwave3D, Drupal CMS programming, and a fantastic Fine Arts background. Applying production pipelines to diverse applications is a result of a wide exposure to methods and technical businesses. He has an amazing hand in graphite and watercolor and exhibits his artwork often. Tim has a long career in CAD management and 3D visualization for architects and engineers before joining our group.

Tina puts teams of consultants together to get the job done!

H. Clark Kee— consultant, Ostinato.com

We work closely with Clark, a software developer and

Beach on Mt.Desert

BlissDesign works with talented writers at CM Communications, an amazing photographer, Vinnie Amessé, and highly skilled printers. Mary Sexon pitches in with design and production from time to time. Beach Packaging Design always comes through. Penny Thomas adds her copywriting and direct marketing skills to the mix. We can pull together whatever creative teams necessary to meet your needs.

Bob McKeever provides the FLASH in more ways than one!

The Gordons
And our Gordon Setters alert us when the FedEx packages are arriving.



Images @2007 Tina Bliss.



Thanks to ALL our mentors. Gracias to my husband Tim
who is a great sounding board.
Kudos to Tad Beck for his digital influence.
Here’s to Alex, Jackie, Kathy, Arlene, Jeanne,
Tanner, Tully, Rudy and Chelsea who’ve gone to a better place. As we get older the list grows.